Cancer Defeated – How I did it

Hard-won Secrets from a Cancer Survivor…

Proven Methods To Battle Cancer, Disease Or Anything Else That Ails You…And How To Live A Healthier Life

Dear Health Enthusiast,

My name is Mike. Many of my friends and family call me Mike “The Miracle” Welch.

I was one of the millions who face the deadly disease – cancer. An initial slight pain I had turned out to be more than what I imagine. I was diagnosed with Stage Four Bladder Cancer in February 2004. Just when I thought I was done battling with the disease, it came visiting again. The second time in August 2005. I was diagnosed with facial Melanoma.

Dealing with cancer is a lonely road. The journey is dark and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are real. It invades our peace and without our permission, it could take us down a destructive path. Unfortunately, some never recover and die an early death. Never once had a chance to take the driver’s seat with regards to their treatment or recovery.

Being a living example of one who made ONE choice and took the driver’s seat for my treatments, I’m now honored to be helping others. I’d love to make a difference for you and those you care about.

Most of us want to know the answers to the life-altering questions we struggle with as we face diseases. Most times the many hours of searching brings us back to confusion and despair. With the war between the traditional medical team and the books and research that recommends the natural path, where do you turn to for help?

I was on that journey as I fought for my life alone. I know your journey, the pain and the uncertainty…the unanswered questions that the medical team have no answers for. If only someone could give us a path to follow, one that has been crossed and used before.

Now, in this eBook, I’m going to share with you realistic methods, challenges and choices that I went through as I fought for my life.

Here’s what you’ll find-

* How to talk to your medical team and make your own decisions

* Easy self care methods

* How to think for yourself

* Give your body a chance to heal

* How my research and methods save my life

* How to combine your doctor’s recommendation with natural remedies

* Schedule my detoxification and the types of detoxification

* Eat for your health

* Renewing emotional health

* My proven methods to heal

* How to look death in the eye and beat it

* Live life while fighting cancer and live victoriously

* How I become cancer free

*My life after cancer

* Maintaining health

This book is not a theory or stories from someone else sufferings or experiences. It’s drawn from my own living breathing fight! Eight years ago, I was given six months to live…and was fighting for my life. This is a personal story of my search for healing from cancer….

Cancer is not the end of your life. It is curable and controllable

Do you feel like the disease is out of your control? There is no light at the end of the tunnel? Are you desperately seeking for answers to your pain and staying up at night thinking and worrying what will come next? I’ve traveled that road….and been given life. It is my mission to help more of us survive this gruesome disease.

Are you ready to get help?

If you are not battling with cancer, this book will help you

* The blue-print to health without disease

* Understand what goes through a person battling cancer

* Benefits of detox

* Gives you courage and hope

Plus, in this book you will get

1. Easy alternative healing path you can use

2. Simple to follow methods to heal your body

3. The difference between ‘fix-it’ and ‘heal-it’

4. Hourly plan for detox

5. My nutritional therapy

6. Recipes to help you eat and stay healthy

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We need to go beyond just relying on a medical team alone to fight life-threatening diseases. The best path is to combine their expertise with your instincts and proven knowledge used by those who have gone through the journey. This is it.